When you have the plan to holiday to Norway, it is better to put Oslo on the list. So is the capital of Norway and also known as the green capital of Europe because of its green spaces and museums. That is why a lot of tourism often felt like in the beautiful and enchanting giant outdoor park rather than a capital city.

Even though Oslo belongs to one of the expensive tourist destinations, you’ll never regret what you’ve got in this beautiful city. In Oslo, the tourist can enjoy the natural tourism or maybe explore the historical and cultural places spread in all Oslo’s areas. To enjoy Oslo in 24 hours, you just need to think about some fun and content recommended activities below.


Hang Around in Hovedøya Island

Travel by: Ferry from Aker Brygge

Oslo often referred to as “the blue-green with a city in-between” due to its combination between nature and urban ambiance. This unique ambiance can be felt in any spots in Oslo.

Related to that, you can also visit a beautiful island called Hovedøya. Just take B1, B2, B3 or B4 ferries from Aker Brygge. This cozy ferry will deliver you to the uninhabited island no more than 20 minutes. Don’t forget to bring the picnic blanket to relax the warm and unwind day on this beautiful island before the ferry takes you back to Oslo in the evening.


River Walking and Shopping in the Aker River

Where is it?: Akerselva, Grünerløkka

Sunday is a great day to have some exercise and exploring the nature of Oslo. One of the recommended destinations in the Aker River. You can walk or maybe hiking the Aker River which split the Oslo into two parts. Different from the usual river, in Aker you can visit local markets around Blå and Ingensteds in Grünerløkka.

This local market is full of Oslo’s typical items, such as knitwear, jewelry, ceramics, glass, wool, clothes, toys, paintings, bags, and unique antique things. The river walks mostly through Oslo’s industrial areas and you can enjoy the beautiful view of the waterfall which flows around the Oslo University of the Arts from the Aamodt Bridge.


Take a Selfie in the Sculpture Park

Where is it?: Vigelandsparken

The other place you should visit in Oslo is the sculpture park located in Frogner Park. This is the area here more than 200 athletic and playful sculptured created by Gustav Vigeland lied. The sculptures are using varied material, from bronze, granite to cat iron. The sculpture also portraying humans in all ages in countless attractive poses, but the star in this park is The Angry Boy, and The Monolith and The Wheel of Life.

Thanks to Vigeland’s expertise in decorating this park, it is no wonder that this park is always full of visitors. Some places in this sculpture park are often taken as a source for making memes issued on social media today. You can also do the same thing, creates interesting memes by taking a selfie with yourself or your friend. Just snap it some poses and post it in your social media account!


Shop and Complete Your Record’s Collection!

Can’t we just ignore the pricey things in Oslo? Just prepared to bring some extra money, since the cost in Oslo is 20%-40% more pricey compared to London. But, you need to take note of if you a resident of a country outside Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. You can have the Norwegian VAT which can be repaid when you leaving the four-country. Also, you should clearly give a statement of your origin country when make purchasing to complete and fulfilled the export document provided by the storeworkers.

It is also can be said that Oslo is one of the shopping heavens for the music connoisseur, especially the vinyl which can be found in the Big Dipper which laid on Torggata 16. The other record shops are Neseblod Records (Schweigaards gt 56) and Katakomben (Youngstorget 6) which sells a lot of Norway’s niche music and black metal scene. You can also visit the Råkk & Rålls (Akersgata 39) which sell second-hand vinyl of all genres, furniture, and accessories related.


Join a Pop Art Masterclass Tour

One thing you can do for sure while having a trip to Oslo is joining a pop art masterclass tour. The one which highly recommended is The Astrup Fearnley. The Astrup Fearnley Collection also being the gathering spots for Damien Hirst’s masterpieces. In this museum, you can find a lot of modern and contemporary art which comes from Northern Europe.

Also, the architecture of The Astrup Fearnley becomes its own allure with the shape that looks like a sail. This building is designed by Renzo Piano, a renowned Italian architect who proved three pavilions shielded by the glass roof. This design also bolsters up the collection which shows up a lot of 60s/70s up to pop culture and modern works today.


Knowing More About Norwegian in Oslo City Museum

To get along with the shy Norwegians, you can visit the Oslo City Museum. This kind of museum is located after the Sculpture Park. Like the usual museum, the Oslo City Museum displays a lot of things related to the Norwegian. This kind of activity will be the most unpredictable and delightful experience to know better about the Norwegian and its society.

You can also join the free 15-minute tour in Oslo City Hall to know about the brief story of Norwegian. Furthermore, Oslo City Hall which was launched in 1950 functioned for the city’s administrative body and the seat of the City Council. Moreover, the building was redecorated in 1900-1950 due to its exterior. If you are lucky, you can see the frescos located in the grand hall.


Jive the Live Music at Øya Festival

Who knows if Oslo also labeled as the “live capital”? This happens because Oslo offered twice as much annual live show compared to the amount of merged show in Stockholm and Copenhagen. If you want to experience the Oslo’s style live music show, August is the best time. There is the Øya Festival, which is known as the urban music festival with A-list performer. Plus, you can enjoy the private location that gives VIP ambiance. Psst! No one is allowed to camp in this Øya Festival’s area.

But, even you don’t have any plan to join the Øya Festival, you will able to meet the famous Norwegian or even international an artist who usually found hanging around the town.


The Fact File

PLACE TO STAY:   To enjoy your short trip to Oslo, we recommend you to stay in Comfort Inn Karl Johan. This place offers a friendly price and the location is also strategic. You can also do gym and tasting the delicious Scandinavian and Continental tasty buffet breakfast.

BOOK A FOODIE LEADING TOUR: Not only known as nature and its culture, but Oslo also being one of the best places to craving delightful cuisines. It is better if you also booked a foodie tour to eat the special dish in Oslo.

MORE INFO ABOUT OSLO: You can check to the Oslo’s official website available.

TIP: As the tourist, it is better to have Oslo Pass to save your money while enjoying the trip. You can buy and activate it online. The benefits of having Oslo Pass are getting free transport by car, tram or boat; free entrance ticket to Oslo’s best tourist attractions; and a 20% discount of prestige restaurants in the city.


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