Distance Education Universities in India

Education has become an important element for human development. The life of an ordinary man is highly dependent on the degree of education you have and is the basis for further progress in his career. Students are highly regarded by their titles and fields where they have an education. The number of schools in India has been increasing and therefore offers opportunities for students to continue their studies at a renowned university.

Qualified professionals from renowned universities are always preferred and therefore are able to grab good job opportunities. Regular full-time courses and choose students from different educational fields. However, there are many students, living in a distant land, or may be working, so cannot go full-time courses at universities. Therefore, for these students, there are distance learning courses that provide students with education in distant places as well.

These days, almost all colleges in India, offer distance learning courses in most fields of
education. Also, there are many universities that specialize in distance learning courses and
provide students all the study material. In distance education, college or university to send the
books to students, once they get themselves registered in the respective school. There are
many centers of education, most universities in different cities, where students can take
admission in distance learning courses at universities. The books and registration number can
also be taken by students of these centers only.
The availability of distance learning helps students acquire the degree of what college they
want, in any state or city. Distance education has enabled students to continue their studies
while working. Most students have been opting for distance education courses at the graduate
level, which in many cases management is in degrees. The institute offers Diploma,
Postgraduate Diploma, MBA and many management courses, it offers its students. Below are
the list of somr universities and colleges offering distance learning courses to their students
Indira Gandhi National Open University
Department of Distance Education, Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar
ICFAI University
Institute of Distance Education Jiwaji University, MP
Sikkim Manipal University
Annamalai University
Barkatullah University-Institute of Open and Distance Education, MP
Symbiosis Centre for Distance Education
Indian Institute of Commerce and Industry
Osmania University
Nalanda Open University (ONE)
University of Madras Institute of Distance Education
Karnataka State Open University
These centers have schools across the country, they also offer night classes or weekend
students. Tests of these institutes are conducted depending on the length and duration of the
term of a particular course. The importance of grades, these days, has made the concept of
distance learning all the most prominent and popular. Due to lack of time, and the race to make
money, people opt for distance learning courses. Below is a list of some of the courses of the
master of distance education provided by universities in India:
Master of Business Administration
Masters in computer application
Masters v Foreign Trade
Masters of Financial Management
Masters of Information Science
Masters of Finance and Control
Masters of Mass Communication
Masters of insurance business
Master of Public Administration
Apart from these Masters courses, universities also offer distance learning courses at


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