Study Abroad in Europe for Free or Low Cost?

It is every student’s dream to study abroad, yet now you can do it for free or very low cost in Europe. If you are a student, surely you have dreamed of eating lunch in a Parisian café during lunch or having an Italian experience of your own. Well now, you can make those dreams a reality and you can do it for free.

How Can I Study Abroad in Germany?

Germany becomes more and more popular every year. That is because there is no tuition for an undergraduate degree. There is a small fee to cover only the administration cost. That fee is around 170-280 dollars and is almost nothing when compared to the cost of the schools in the USA.  When it comes to a master’s degree or a Ph.D., the cost is a bit higher. Students seeking masters are going to pay around 1700 dollars in the US, and students looking for a Ph.D. will pay around 1460 per semester. There are other schools that are looking to increase the cost of higher education after undergraduate, but this is in the future and does not include undergraduate degrees.

Germany continues to be popular because of the economy and the low costs. There are many ways for people to study abroad. There are more than 40 universities in Germany that are considered among the QS World University Rankings and this is an affordable way to pay for education for people in any economic group.

How Can I Study Abroad in France?

Fees for universities in France are very low at around 220.00 per student regardless of the nationality of the student. Students who are international and not from the EU will pay higher tuitions in the c coming years, but the average price for tuition is expected to stay around 3100 USD which is a fraction of the cost of American education. There are many scholarships as well that are available to international students and the French government plans to triple these numbers in the future. There are many changes that are happening as well with more elevated degrees but there are many ways to ensure that the cost is still competitively lower than the US and the UK.

Cost of living in France is very affordable for a student who knows how to budget and can be about 9600-10,800 euros per year. It can be a bit more expensive if you are in Paris, however.


How Can I Study in the Nordic Countries for Free?

When it comes to the high quality of life that you have a shot at, as well as the amazing nature of the area there is no reason not to study in the Nordic areas. There are many amazing places to study where the cost is free. Norway has free education available to all students regardless of where they are from or the level of education. It is one of those places that you can go to school with a very small semester fee maybe 35.00-70.00 USD per semester. The only thing that you must consider is that the programs are all taught in Norwegian and that means that you must show proficiency in the language in order to attend.

If you attend school in Iceland there are only a few minimal fees that are charged to pay for administration. These fees amount to about 600.00 a year.

When heading to Denmark, Sweden and Finland there are free education perks that are extended only to students that are from the EU. However, this is only for undergraduate programs. In the form of upper-class studies, they are all free.

How Can I Study in Italy an Affordable Fee?

There are many universities in Italy that charge almost nothing. Italian private schools, on the other hand, can be a different beast altogether. However, public options can be as low as 1015 USD per year. There are many funding options out there as well as scholarships. Milan is also ranked as the 36th best city for students while Rome ranked as number 66.

When it comes to picking an education, the thought of pursuing one in Europe in the past was a dream for most students. However, now is the perfect opportunity for a rewarding career that will ensure a great degree and not at a king’s ransom. When considering all the options, Europe is the most affordable for most students when compared to the US and the UK.


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