Successful people behave differently than the majority and it’s these changes they’ve made to the daily lives that allow them to maintain focus and be as productive as they are. In this video, we’ll be looking at these specific habits that successful people use. By the end of this video, you should have a complete list of these habits.

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.” Take a moment to think about this. The greater your good habits are, the more potential you have of increasing your net worth! Speaking of habits make sure you hit the like button and subscribe to the channel! Now let’s get started!


Get Up Early

Over 80% of successful individuals sleep less than seven hours per night on average. The most common bedtime being between 11 and 12 PM, with the wake up call around 6 AM. The more time you spend awake the more time you have at your disposal to get things done. There are moments in life that you may need to cut back on sleep to get more done. However, you should never deprive yourself of sleep to the point that you actually end up being less productive. Getting up early works incredibly well for people who know exactly what they have to do that particular day. An even more valuable element to this that you can implement immediately is to begin to wake up at the same time every single day. This is a simple change that begins to build discipline within you and gives you the first element of order in your life. You can go to bed at whatever time you need, but make sure you wake up consistently at the same hour every day!



In order for your body to work at its full potential we need to be in great physical shape. Statistically speaking three out of four successful individuals engage in 30 minutes or more of aerobic activity four days a week. Get your body moving for at least 30 minutes. This will energize your mood, get the blood going through your body, and make you feel amazing! The majority choose to include this work out in the morning after they wake up so that they start the day with a kick! If you don’t feel productive or struggle with procrastination and a sense of fatigue, start activating your body, and in less than two weeks you’ll begin to feel so much better! The top three activities chosen by successful people are gym workouts, running, or cycling, and if your life allows for swimming, it’s also an incredible body activator.


Preplan Your Day

Here’s one of those secrets that many people don’t usually do. Most people just have a rough to do list about the things they should get done this week or this month. However, successful people take it a step further and have their day broken down into clear activities. They schedule as much of the day as possible and stick to that schedule religiously! Scheduling meetings and upcoming events allows you to fill any empty blocks in your day with relative activities that move you forward in your journey. Value comes from having a day pre-planned as you wake up and allows you to hit the ground running because you already know what you’re doing today and you’re not going to waste time deciding.


Take Care Of Your Personal Appearance

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: “people still judge a book by its cover,” so make sure your cover is looking its best. Shower, floss, and brush your teeth. Shave, take care of your skin, maintain your hair, and use quality personal care products. Pre-plan your outfits for the week so they’re always clean and you don’t have to waste time on figuring out what to wear. Although everyone isn’t born with mesmerizing genetics, the way you present yourself is completely under your control! Successful people prioritize this because if you neglect any of these factors it might cost you certain opportunities, which add up to potential big losses in the long run. So never underestimate how much this matters!


Eat Healthily

Once you have a strong mind and a strong body, you need to focus on the fuel of the entire system. 70% of successful people eat less than 300 junk food calories a day, versus 3% for the average person, which includes things like sugary and other processed foods. Successful people are very careful about any intake that could cause them to lose performance.


Keep Track Of Your Goals

Every successful person out there has goals, NOT wishes. Goals are different, because it’s something you can add to a timeline, and if everything goes according to the timeline, you will achieve your goal. Successful people write down their goals. They have monthly goals, quarterly goals, yearly goals, short term goals, and long-term goals. Everything they do in life is in relation to these goals they set for themselves. When you’re defining exactly what your life needs to be like with goals, it’s a lot easier to maintain focus.


Take Ownership

Another thing that all successful people do is not playing the “victim card.” Some people might blame their lack of success on someone or something else, maybe saying that there’s not enough opportunity or that they don’t have the skills. But you have to take the initiative to build those skills for yourself. The opportunity may be there, but if you’re not educating yourself, you may not see it. When you put blame on someone else, your future depends on them changing the way they are. However, if you put blame on yourself, your future depends on you making the change. One will keep you chained to your current reality, while the other allows you to grow. So start taking ownership!


Listen More Than You Talk

Here’s something that you may not have ever thought about until now. It seems that rich people get paid to talk at conferences and events, you may have even paid to listen to someone else talk before to get the value out of what they are saying. However, our brains are fascinating and limited at the same time. You see, you can’t absorb new information if you’re always speaking. That’s why successful people always ask questions, listen, and take notes.


Keep Evolving & Learning

Successful people read on average about 50 books a year, while an average person reads about just one. Successful people invest in training and coaches, and they surround themselves with high performers in order to learn from them. The most valuable thing they can do is to use their mind to invest in themselves. Imagine spending a couple thousand dollars to learn yourself a skill that will be with you for the rest of your life. Any amount that changes something in you for the better is worth paying, because even the smallest change can reap massive benefits in the decades to come! Learning a new language or how to program a computer opens the door for a mass of career opportunities! Learning how to cook radically changes your experience with food for the rest of your life because now you understand what’s happening!

Clear Understanding Of Their Financial Tree

Many people may not know what the financial tree is, so to simplify, it’s the journey of the money that you have, from creation to expenditure. You have a couple of avenues that generate income and you spread it out into different segments of your life. Some goes to livelihood expenses, some to investment, some to savings, etc. Successful people understand how much money they’re making, what’s making them the most money, and how their money is spent and distributed. This clarity allows them to make better financial decisions, while the majority of other people have no idea how much they’re even spending on food over a period of two weeks, or just how much it cost them to maintain their current lifestyle.



Many successful people automatically put 20% or more of their income into investments. Speaking of financial trees, hear something very interesting. Almost all successful individuals have an automated amount of their income going directly into investments, such as mutual funds. This is one of those fundamental things that you learn early on in your journey to building success, to save 10 to 20% of your income, which is usually the amount of money that many people may waste during the month. This investment plan can work for any type of income, and it’s a phenomenal test on discipline! The more of these habits you can install into your life, the quicker you’ll see change happen.


Build Relationships

Do you know how you build strong and valuable relationships? You have to nurture them. For example, when’s the last time you’ve called to check up on old friends? When’s the last time you’ve called up a potential business relationship to send your best wishes? Commenting on their Facebook or Instagram isn’t enough. Successful people invest time into maintaining their relationships. They take people out for lunch, send gift baskets, and show that they care about the lives of their friends. That all requires effort. Valuable relationships need nurturing to remain valuable, you’re probably not going to build that network of influential people if you never show that you care about anyone.


Mind Your Own Business

Your name and your trust are the most valuable possessions you have in the circle of successful people. So if other people trust you, then they’ll help you win. It’s that simple! Your ability to maintain a professional approach to relationships, not to spread gossip or talk about someone behind their back, is what cements your integrity. Most successful people are aware of what is called a gossip rule, if they talk about someone else behind their back they’ll talk about you behind yours. As long as you live, keep this stored in your mind, and pay close attention to those who are telling you juicy gossip, because you might be the next one on their menu if the opportunity presents itself!


Control Your Emotions

Successful people make their decisions based on reason, and by doing so, are able to achieve an optimal outcome. The more you’re able to maintain a clear head and not allow your emotions to take over, the smoother your life usually is. Emotions are an incredibly powerful force! If used correctly, they’re the driving force which allows us to overcome even the most difficult obstacles. Mismanaged emotions cause your entire life to end up upside down. How many times do you wish you could have gone back in time to do small things differently? How many times do you wish you weren’t as emotional as you were, and that this vulnerability hurt you? There’s power in the ability to control your emotions, and those who yield it will usually come out ahead!


Don’t Wait To Take Action!

Life may seem complicated at times, but if you know the right thing to do, right now taking that particular action will benefit you in the future, and you’re able to make this change! So don’t wait! Each one of you has several things that you know you should be taking action on, whether it’s starting a blog, posting your first YouTube video, starting a workout routine, or installing another incredibly valuable skill in your arsenal of tools, yet you may have postponed them until now. Nobody’s gonna do it for you, you have to do it for yourself!

Now if you manage to implement at least half of the habits on this list, your life will most likely end up successful. How many of these habits do you already have installed in your life? Be honest with yourself and let us know in the comments. Also don’t forget to like and subscribe for more and we’ll see you in the next video!


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